Cristiano Ronaldo is not going to join Arsenal – Wenger

The Portuguese player has been in excellent form for the Gunners this season, and the team is now in a good shape. The team is in a position to challenge for the Champions League places, which is why it is so important to strengthen the team’s defence.

The club is in the middle of the Champions league, and it is now very important for the team to be in the best position. This is why the Gunner’ is looking for a new goalkeeper, and in order to do this, the club is looking at the goalkeeper position.
The goalkeeper position is a very important position for the club, because the team needs to have a reliable goalkeeper in the team. The club has already strengthened the position of the goalkeeper, but it is still not enough.
There is a great chance that the club will make a transfer in the near future, because it is very important to have the best goalkeeper in Europe. The goalkeeper position can be strengthened by the following players:
* Lukas Fabianski;
* Petr Cech;

* Sead Kolasinac.
It is also important to note that the Gun club is interested in the defender position, because this position is very useful for the goalkeeper.
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Main football results of the season
The Gunners are in a very good shape this season. The main reason for this is the fact that the team has a good selection of players on the field. The players of the team are able to make the team a contender for the victory in the Champions’ League.
In the current season, the Gun team is very active and is able to score a lot of goals. The Gunners have already won the Europa League, and they are now trying to win the Champions’ League. This season, it is extremely important for them to be at the top of the standings in the English Premier League. The current season has already shown that the main goal of the Gun players is to win gold medals.
However, the team still has a long way to go, and there are still a lot more matches ahead. The first matches of the new season of the Europa league will be held, and this will be very important. The Europa league is a tournament that is very interesting for fans, and many of them are looking forward to see the results of their favorite teams.
Latest football news on the website 777score
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This season, many teams are in great shape, and you can see this by watching the results on the site. The site provides the latest data from the Premier League, as well as other leagues of the world.
Football results of Arsenal in the current campaign
The current season of English Premier league is very busy, and now it� is very difficult to follow all the events. This can be a problem for the fans, because they want to be informed about the latest results of teams. The fans can always use the website to find out the latest Arsenal results.
Arsenal is a team that is always in the top positions of the English championship. This team has won the title a number of times, and is now trying not to lose it. The previous season, Arsenal was in the Europa tournament, and although the team managed to win, it was not enough to get into the Champions club tournament.
Now the Gun is in great form, and has a great selection of performers on the football field. This allows the team not to be exhausted at any given moment.
Team’ s football results in the season 2019/2020
In this season of 2019/20, the Arsenal has a lot on its plate, and its main goal is to get to the Champions-league zone. The season is very rich in events, and Arsenal is able not only to win but also to get the desired result.
Of course, the main thing is to be able to compete for the title. This year, the squad of Arsene Wenger has a number 1 goalkeeper, who is Lukasz Fabianskis. The Polish goalkeeper is a really good goalkeeper, because he is able always to save the ball, and he is also able to keep the ball in the goal.
He is also very good at breaking away from the opponent, and that is why he is a real asset to the team, which has a strong lineup.
Another thing that the Arsenal needs to do is to strengthen its defence, because many of the players are not in the ideal form. This problem is especially noticeable in the attack, where many of these players are injured.
If the Gun can get to a higher position in the standings, then it will be a real chance for them. The squad of the club has a very strong lineup, and if the team manages to get a higher place, then they will be able not just to get closer to the top 4, but also get into a higher European zone.

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