Cristiano Ronaldo to renew his contract in Real Madrid?

Cristian Ronaldo has been a Real Madrid player for more than a decade. The Portuguese is a player who has always been able to surprise the fans with his performance. In the last season, he managed to score a lot of goals and become a key player of the team.
However, the Portuguese has not always been the best player for the team and he has not been able not to score many goals.
In the summer, Real Madrid has a new coach, who has already managed to strengthen the team, but the main goal for the club is to win the Champions League.
The new coach of the club, Zinedine Zidane, is a legendary football player. He has won many titles, including the Champions Cup.
Real Madrid has always had a good relationship with the Portuguese player, but now the club needs to renew its contract with him. The club is not going to give up on Cristiano Ronaldo, because the player has already become a legend in the club.

The club will not renew the contract of the player, because he is not able to play for the main team anymore. Now, the club will try to find a new solution for the problem, because it is obvious that the player is not the best choice for the current situation.
Will Ronaldo renew his deal with Real Madrid in the future?
The player has not yet decided on his future, but it is clear that he wants to stay at the club and continue to play.
It is worth noting that the club has not renewed the contract with Ronaldo for the next season. The player has been playing for the Spanish team for several years, so he has become a well-known player.
Zidane has already said that he will not be able to renew the deal with the player. The Frenchman has already stated that he is ready to leave the club in the next year, because Real Madrid needs a new leader.
There is a good chance that the Portuguese will leave the team in the near future, because Zinedin is not a good choice for a new team leader. The coach has already given up on Ronaldo, who is not capable of playing for him.
Therefore, it is worth considering the following options:
1. Replacing the player with another player. In this case, the team will have to find another player who can replace the Portuguese.
2. Transfer of Ronaldo to another club. The transfer of the Portuguese is one of the main goals of the new coach.
3. Real Madrid will not give up the contract.
Now, the player will have a new contract with the club that he has already won the Champions trophy with.
What are the main advantages of the renewed contract with Cristiano?
Real has a good team, which is able to win all the competitions that the team has. Now the club wants to win another trophy, so it will try its best to renew Cristiano’s contract. The new contract will allow the club to find new solutions for the problems that it has.
This is a new season in the Champions league, and the club can use this opportunity to strengthen its position in the league.
If the club renews the contract, then the player can decide whether he wants stay at Real Madrid or go to another team. The main advantage of the contract renewal is that the new contract does not have the same conditions that the previous one had.
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Main football results of the season
The season of the Champions is coming to an end, and it is time to look at the main football results.
At the beginning of the championship, Real was in the lead of the standings, but then it began to lose points. The team was not able not only to get into the playoffs, but also to win any trophy.
Of course, the main problem for the Royal club was the lack of motivation. The players had a lot to prove, because they were not able win the championship.
After the first matches, it became clear that the main task for the leaders of the Royal team was to finish the tournament in the top 4.
Despite the fact that the first rounds of the tournament were not successful for the Madrid club, the fans still have high hopes for the future.
Today, the Royal Club is in the position of the leader in the standings. The next rounds will be very important for the fans, because there is a high probability that the Royal will finish in the first position of all the tournaments.
Here, the players have a lot at stake. They need to perform well in order to get a place in the playoffs.
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