Didier Drogba comes back to Chelsea after a short break.

Didier Drogba comes back to Chelsea after a short break. The legendary Belgian has been playing for the club for more than 30 years. He has won the Champions League and the Europa League. He also won the World Cup with the Netherlands.
The club has not won the English Premier League for a long time. But the team has a good lineup and a good coach. The team is now ready to fight for the title.

Chelsea’s Prospects in the Next Season
The team has many players who have already won the Premier League title. However, it is very difficult to win the title in the English championship. Chelsea is a good team and it is possible to win it. The main thing is to play well.
Chelsea is in a good shape and it has a lot of chances to win gold medals. The club has a strong lineup and many players have already played in the Champions league.
However, the main problem of the team is the lack of motivation. The players are not in the best shape and they want to win everything. This is why they are not able to win all the trophies.
In the next season, Chelsea will have a lot more chances to get into the Champions Cup zone. The coach of the club is Frank Lampard. The Spaniard has a great experience and he knows how to motivate the players.
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Football Results of Chelsea
The season of the English football has already ended. The Chelsea team has already won a lot. The famous Belgian has won several trophies. The most important ones are:
1. Champions League. The Blues won it for the second time. This time, it was the first time in the history of the tournament.
2. FA Cup. The cup was won by the club in the last season.
3. League Cup.
4. UEFA Cup. This tournament is held every year.
5. UEFA Super Cup. It is held in the final.
6. UEFA Europa League is held once every four years.
7. League 1. This league is held by the team once every year, and it was won for the third time.
8. League 2. This season, the team won the title for the fourth time. Chelsea also won it in the previous season. The previous two times were won by Liverpool and Manchester United.
9. League 3. This year, the club won the tournament for the fifth time. It was the previous two years by Manchester United and Chelsea.
10. UEFA Intertoto Cup. Chelsea won it.
11. UEFA Champions League final. The final was held in Kiev. The match was won with a score of 4:1.
12. UEFA League 1 final. This was the last match of the season. Chelsea lost the match with a goal difference of -1.5 goals.
13. FA Community Shield. The trophy was won in the first season. It has been won by Manchester City.
14. FA Trophy. The winner of the trophy is the best player of the year. This trophy was also won by City in the season of 2018.
15. FA Premier League. This championship was won twice by the Blues. The first time was in the 2017-2018 season. This champion title was won again by the Chelsea. The second time was the season 2018-2019.
16. FA Youth League. Chelsea was the winner of this championship. It won it twice. The best result was the victory in the tournament of the best players. The other champion titles were won in 2017 and 2018. The winners of the FA Youth league are: Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Liverpool, Manchester City and Everton.
17. FA National League. Manchester United won the championship.
18. FA Amateur League. Everton was the champion.
19. FA Women’ Cup. Liverpool was the main winner of it. It lost the title to Chelsea. Chelsea has won it once.
20. FA Vase. The tournament was won once by Manchester city.
21. League One. This club won it three times. The last time was won the season 2017-18.
22. League Two. This team won it the previous year. The champion title has been lost by the same club.
23. League 5. This competition was won only once. It happened in the year 2018. Liverpool won it with a result of 3:2.
24. FA Super Cup was won this year by the London team. It defeated Manchester City with a final score of 5:1 in the match.
25. League 4. The London team won this competition.
26. FA Charter Cup. Manchester City won it this season. Manchester united won it last year. It also won this trophy in the past season.
The Chelsea team is in the leading position in the Premier league. The next season it will be much more difficult to get to the Champions club. The new season will be very interesting for the fans.
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