Mancini transfers rumors.

Mancini transfers rumors. The Italian coach has already made a lot of transfers. He has already managed to strengthen the squad of Juventus, but the team is not in the best shape. The club has a lot to do, but it is not yet in the perfect condition.
The team needs to strengthen its defense, but in the summer the coach will have to do something about the attack. This is where the rumors of transfers of the club come from.

The rumors of Mancini’s transfers are true. The coach has managed to make a lot transfers, and the team has already started to show its potential. The main transfer that the team needs is a goalkeeper, but this is not the only transfer that Mancinis has managed.
In the summer, the team will be able to show more and more, and it will be very interesting to watch the game of the team. The team has a good chance to get into the Champions League zone, and this is why the fans are waiting for the team to start winning.
Main transfers of Manceau-Lambert
The summer transfer window is coming to an end, and Manceu-Lampard is already busy in the transfer market. The French coach has made a number of transfers, but they are not the most important.
First of all, the club needs to replace the goalkeeper of the French national team, which is the result of the departure of the legendary Gianluigi Buffon. The goalkeeper of France is the second best goalkeeper in the world, and he is a great goalkeeper, who always gives the right answers.
Lampards also needs to get a striker, because the team does not have a lot. The new striker is the Belgian Edson Arbeloa. The player is a good striker, who can score a lot, but he is also a good defender.
However, the most interesting transfer of the summer is the acquisition of a defender. The transfer is a result of a transfer of Antoine Griezmann, who has joined the club from Atletico. The Spanish player is the main transfer of Menceau-Landreaux, because he can play in several positions.
Another transfer of interest of the coach is the signing of a goalkeeper. The Frenchman Thibaut Courtois will join the club. The choice of Courtoise was a good one, because it is a very good goalkeeper.
It is also worth noting that the coach has signed a number players of the youth team. This summer, he managed to sign a lot young players, who will help the team in the future.
Future of the Manceua-Lambard
The coach has a number transfers, which will help him to strengthen his squad. The most important transfer is the goalkeeper, which Lampard managed to get. The other transfers include:
* a striker;
* an attacking midfielder;
* a defender;
and a midfielder.
This summer, Lampard has managed a lot transfer, but most of them are not important. The important transfers are the goalkeeper and the striker. The signing of Courteois is a positive sign for the club, because now the coach can focus on strengthening his team.
There are a lot rumors about the future of the player, but there is no doubt that the club will be in a good shape in the next season. The fans are looking forward to the new season, because they are expecting a lot from the team, and they can achieve great things.
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