Robben and Sneijder to leave Real Madrid?

The rumors that Real Madrid will be parting ways with its main stars are not new. The club has been in crisis for several years now, and now it is even more difficult to find a replacement for the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo.

The main question is who will replace the Portuguese, and who will be able to replace the legendary player?

One of the main candidates for the position of the new leader of the club is the Dutchman, Frank Lampard. The player has been the head coach of the team for several seasons now, so he knows the club well. He has already managed to get the position in the team, so it is obvious that he is not going to give up the position.
Lampard himself has already said that he will not leave the club, so the team will be strengthened in the next season.
The team needs a new leader, because the previous season the team did not manage to win any trophies. However, the team has a lot of potential, so there is no doubt that it will be a real challenge for the team to win the title again.
Who will be the new coach of Real Madrid in the future?
The new season of the Champions League will begin, and the main question of the season is who the team’s coach will be. The team has already started the season, and it is clear that the main goal of the players is to win gold medals.
However, the main contender for the job is the German, Jurgen Klopp. The coach of Liverpool has already won the Champions Cup, so his experience in the Champions league is also very good.
It is obvious, that the team needs to get a new coach, because it has already lost a lot, and there is a high probability that the next year the team won’t be able win the Champions title.
What are the main tasks of Frank Lampards team?
Of course, the first thing that the coach of Lampard’ team has to do is to get rid of the problems of the previous year. The main problem of the current season was the fact that the players did not show a good game, and this led to the fact, that they lost the Champions trophy.
In the last season, the players of the Lampard team managed to win a lot and to get into the Champions play-off round. However the team still has a long way to go, and if the team fails to get to the next stage of the tournament, then it will lose a lot.
Therefore, the coach has to make a lot changes, and in order to do this, he needs to find the right partners for the players. The Dutchman has already done this, and he has already found a good replacement for Ronaldo. The Portuguese player has already left the team.
So, what are the partners that the German coach can use?
There are a lot players who are able to help the team in the fight for the gold medals, and they are:
* Zinedine Zidane;
* David Silva;
* Sergio Ramos.
These players are able, because of their experience, to help their partners to get results.
Will the team be able not to win trophies again?
It all depends on the results of the next games of the German team. The players of this team have a lot to prove, and, if the current results of their team continue, then the team may not be able achieve the results it wants.
Of the main competitors of the Germans, the Spanish team is also in a bad shape. The Spanish team has many problems, and its main goal is to be able get into a higher position in European competitions.
This season, Real Madrid has a new head coach, and his name is Zinedines. The German coach is able to give the team a new impetus, and make it win the next championship.
You can always follow the development of events on the website of sports statistics. Here you will find the information about the results, as well as the statistics of the games of various teams.
How to follow the news of the matches of the Spanish football team?
This year, the situation in the Spanish championship is very bad. The teams are not able to show the desired results, and many clubs are not even able to get out of the group stage.
At the same time, the fans are very demanding, and want to see a lot from their favorite teams. This is why the Spanish national team has become a real sensation. The fans of the national team are very passionate, and you can always find out the latest information about them on the sports statistics website.
Among the most popular teams of the championship are: Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico. The last season of La Liga was very successful for the Spanish club, and for the fans of this club it was a real pleasure to watch their favorite team.
In addition to the results on the site of sports, you can also follow the livescore of the game on the mobile phone.
Why is the Spanish league so important for the teams?
In order to be a contender for a higher place in the European competitions, the teams need to win titles.

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