The first day of the transfer market in January.

The first day of the transfer market in January. It’s time to see the new faces of the team and the players’ future.
The team has a lot of new players, so it’ll be very interesting to watch them.

The main transfer news of the first day
The first transfer news from the first round of the new season is the acquisition of a defender from the Spanish La Liga. The player is the 21-year-old defender, who was born in the city of Granada.
Lionel Messi is the main transfer target of the club. The Argentinean already left the team to join Barcelona, but he’d like to return to the team.
However, the club has already made a counter-offer to the player. The cost of the player is estimated at €30 million.
It’ s worth noting that the player has already played for the team for a few years.
New coach of the Barcelona
The new coach of Barcelona, Ernesto Valverde, has a good experience in the transfer business. He’ re also a football player, so he knows how to select the most suitable players for the club and the team’
s future. The new coach is very active in the market and always has a new offer on the table.
Valverde has already signed a few players for his squad, and they are:
* Gonzalo Higuain;
* Sergio Busquets;

* Jordi Alba.
All these players have already been playing for the Spanish team for several years. It will be interesting to see how the team will play together with the new players.
Will Messi return to Messi?
The club has a great desire to sign the Argentinean. The club has an excellent squad, so the signing of the main star player of the Spanish national team is very important.
Barcelona has a very good chance to sign Messi, because the club is very rich and has a number of good players. The main player of Messi’ is the Argentine.
If the club doesn’t get Messi, then the club will have a serious problem.
Messi’ return to Barcelona
Messiares’ contract with the club ends in 2021. The team has many options, but the most obvious one is the signing a new contract.
In the summer, the player will have an option to buy the player for €100 million. The option is available to the club for a maximum of €20 million. This option will be available to Messi, and the club can pay the maximum amount.
This option is very interesting for the player, because he will be able to buy a new team. The Barcelona team is a great club, and it”s very important for the players to be able play for the best club in the world.
For Messi, it“s very good to have a new club. He will have the opportunity to show his skills and to become a great player.
Main transfer news for the new year
The second transfer news is the departure of Lionel Messi. The Argentinian left the club in a very bad way.
After the departure, the team lost a lot in the standings, and this led to the resignation of the head coach, Luis Enrique.
Many fans are disappointed with the departure. They say that the club needs to buy new players and to strengthen the team in the future. It is obvious that Messi is one of the best players in the history of the game, so buying a new star player is a good idea.
Another transfer news that will interest fans is the transfer of Dani Alves. The Brazilian player is already a great football player. He is a very strong defender.
He’ ll be able, together with Messi, to give the club a new level.
Next transfer news
The third transfer news was the departure from the club of Dani Carvajal. The Spaniard is a fantastic player, but his departure is a bad sign for the future of the Argentineans.
Also, the departure is not the end of the problems of the players. There are still a lot to be solved, and many players need to be strengthened.
Fans will have to wait for the next transfer news, because we’re going to see a lot more transfers in the next season.
Who will be the main performers of the New Year?
In January, the main transfers of the season will start. Fans will see a number and a variety of transfers.
Among the most interesting transfers are:
1. A number of players from the Netherlands. The most interesting transfer is the one of Fortuna Sittard’ goalkeeper, who is the goalkeeper of the Netherlands national team. He was a goalkeeper for over a decade, and he”ll be able return to his previous form.
2. Filipe Moraes from the Portuguese club Sporting. The Portuguese club is looking for a goalkeeper, and Moraese is one the most promising candidates. He has already managed to score a few goals for the Portuguese team. Fans can expect a lot from the goalkeeper.
3. A goalkeeper from the German club, Schalke. The goalkeeper, Timo Werner, is a young goalkeeper, but already has a few good games.

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