Who will be a world champion in football?

The current season of the Spanish La Liga has already given us a lot of surprises. The main one is the fact that the main favorites of the tournament are not Barcelona, Real Madrid, or Atletico. Instead, the main contenders for the title are:
* Sevilla;
* Villarreal;
• Valencia;
The team of ​​Valencia is the most likely to win the title. The team of Sevilla has been in the Champions League for several years, but it has not yet managed to win a trophy. The club has been close to the main favorite for several seasons in a row, but the current season has shown that the team can not be considered a favorite for the long run.
The main question of the season is whether the main competitors of Sevillians will be Valencia or Real Madrid. The answer to this question is not obvious, but we can already say that the last time the two clubs met in the Spanish championship was in the season 2000/01. The match was a very close one, and it ended in a draw.

The first round of the championship was very interesting, too. The first matches of the new season of La Liga have already shown that Real Madrid is not a favorite of the competition. The players of the team are tired of the constant pressure from the fans and the media. The fans are demanding a lot from the club, and the players are not able to meet the expectations of their fans.
In the first rounds, the team of Zidane was not able not to lose points. The coach of Real Madrid managed to keep the team in the top-3 of the standings for several rounds. However, the last rounds of the current championship have shown that Zidanes team is not able yet to compete with the main rivals of the club.
It is also worth noting that the current La Liga season is not the only one in which the team has been on the losing side. The previous season, Real was in a similar situation, and Zidanias team lost the championship to Barcelona.
What are the main factors that can help the team to win La Liga?
The most important factor for Real Madrid in the current campaign is the performance of Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player has already scored a lot in the previous season. In the current one, he has managed to score a lot more.
However, the most important thing is that the player has not lost his form. He is able to score goals and not to give up a single point.
At the same time, the players of Real are not in the best shape. The current season is still in progress, and they have not managed to get into the Champions Cup. The failure of the players to get in the Europa League is another reason for the team not to be in the leading position in the standings.
Another reason for Real’s problems is the failure of Cristian Tello. The player has been injured for a long time, and his recovery is still not complete. The problem of the player is that he is not in a good mood. The Madrid team is already close to losing points, and this is the main reason for this.
Will the team be able to fight for the champion title?
This season, the Madrid team has a lot to prove. The last time it played in the championship of Spain was in 2000/2001. The game was very close, and Real Madrid lost the match only by a single goal.
This time, it is even more difficult for the club to get to the Champions’ Cup. It is obvious that the players have not been able to get over the disappointment of not getting into the Europa Cup.
Despite the fact, that the club has not been in a very good shape for several tournaments, the current situation is not good for the players. The season has already shown us that the Madrid players are tired and are not ready to fight in every single game.
One of the main reasons for the failure is the lack of motivation of the leaders. The performance of the squad is not very good, and many of the members of the starting line-up are not at their best.
Real Madrid has a good chance of winning La Liga. The squad of Zinedine Zidano is able not only to win in the domestic arena, but also to fight against the main teams of the world.
How can the team find its game?
In order to find the right game, it’ll be necessary to have a long and intense season. The Spanish championship is not an easy one, because the teams are constantly changing.
For Real Madrid it is necessary to find a game that will allow the team members to find their game in the new situation. The long tournament distance is another important factor that can affect the results of the Madrid club. The Champions League is also important for the Madrid squad.
Zidane’ team has not won the Champions’ Cup for a few years. It has not managed not to get out of the group stage of the Champions league for several times. The situation is similar in the group of the Europa league.
Many of the competitors of Real have a good record of winning the Champions cup. This is another proof that the squad of the coach has a chance to win gold medals.

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